The Water Blueprint for the San Joaquin Valley is a coalition of San Joaquin Valley community leaders, businesses, water agencies, local governments, and agricultural representatives working together to advance common sense water solutions for our region.


Unifying the San Joaquin Valley’s voice to advance an accessible, reliable solution for a balanced water future for all. 


The Water Blueprint serves as the united voice to champion water resource policies and projects to maximize accessible, affordable, and reliable supplies for sustainable and productive farms and ranches, healthy communities, and thriving ecosystems in the San Joaquin Valley.

Meet the Water Blueprint Board of Directors

Casey Creamer, CA Citrus Mutual
Ian Lemay, CA Fresh Fruit Association
Geoff Vanden Heuvel, Milk Producers Council

Water Agencies:
Scott Petersen, San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority
Jason Phillips, Friant Water Authority
Kassy Chauhan, Fresno Irrigation District
Steve Chedester, SJ River Exchange Contractors Water Authority

White Lands:
Johnny Gailey, Delta View Water Association
Jack Rice, Western Resource Strategies
Deanna Jackson, Tri-County Water Authority

Augustine Ramirez, Fresno County
Stephanie Anagnoson, Madera County
Paul Boyer, Farmersville

Sarah Woolf, Water Wise
Eddie Ocampo, Self-Help Enterprises
Austin Ewell, Ewell Group
Christina Beckstead, Madera County Farm Bureau
Vince Lucchesi, Patterson Irrigation District
Jose Gutierrez, Westlands Water District 

Committee Chairs:
Scott Hamilton, Ag Economist
(Technical Committee)
Mike Wade, CA Farm Water Coalition
(Communications Committee)

To view a working draft of the Water Blueprint’s strategic goals, click here.

For a list of the organization’s accomplishments to date, click here